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Shipping Notes for Customers

Lansbury International Spring Impact Test Hammer


Lansbury International Spring Hammers are well protected when they leave us. Hammers are supplied in a purpose-built wooden instrument case containing close-cell foam cut to fit. For transport, the wooden cases are placed in special white foam packs, which fit in cardboard outer boxes. These special arrangements ensure that your equipment arrives in good order. When returning Spring Hammers to us for calibration work, please ensure that they are well packed - if possible use the packing material that we have supplied.

Existing International Customers: Re-calibration

When you send Spring Hammers to us for repair or service and calibration, please make sure that the shipping or freight documents are correct and you MUST state that the goods are for "Temporary Export for Repair / Calibration only", also that the goods have "No Commercial Value". Most international courier companies have sections on their documents for "type of export" and "destination duties" please ensure that all duty and charges are paid. We cannot accept goods that arrive "COD" (Cash on Delivery).

The Customs Commodity Code for Spring Hammers is: 90 24 80 00

See "send to UK for ReCalibration" for shipping and Customs details.

We thank you for your understanding.

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