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30 Years UKAS AccreditedCalibration

Lansbury International operates a calibration laboratory for Spring Operated Impact Test Hammers. We can also calibrate other makes of spring hammer as well, including: PTL, ED&D, Nemko, Stahl & ZLT.

The Calibration procedure is by means of a pendulum comparator, with impact values from 0.2 J(Nm) to 1.0 J(Nm).

The Kinetic energy delivered by the spring hammers and the appropriate tolerance for each setting is stated in the following standards: IEC 60068-2-75:2014 as table E.1 in Annex E and also referenced in BS7003:1988 and IEC 817:1984.

0.14 J +/- 0.014 J
0.20 J +/- 0.02 J
0.35 J +/- 0.03 J
0.5 J +/- 0.04 J
0.7 J +/- 0.05 J
1.0 J +/- 0.05 J

The Laboratory is assessed each year by the national accreditation service (UKAS)

Measurement tools are calibrated by accredited external facilities and laboratory staff follow procedures which are verified regularly.

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